About Us

It all started in our garage with a tiny roaster set up next to a Classic Oldsmobile 442.

We have always enjoyed coffee. That first cup in the morning is one of the things and times we enjoy together most; gearing up for the day of work, parenting, and other adult-type things. Our beloved morning ritual soon grew into French Press Friday...Aeropress around 3 p.m....and slow steeped cold brew to sip on the weekends while running errands and on various adventures. All the while trying every bean on our grocery store shelves and visiting (and supporting!) local coffee shops and roasters. The desire grew in our hearts to take our love to the next level and learn more about making the taste we crave... we bought a small roaster for our anniversary gift to each other and began roasting away! Our family and friends reaped the benefits of our trials. There was (and is) so much to learn - beans are amazing! We soon upgraded to a 4.4 lb drum roaster and decided to take our hobby to the next level. We will see where our story goes, we thank you for your support, enjoy!